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SVSU Softball Camps
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Pitcher & Catcher Camp

June 27th
Ages 8 - 12 | 10:00am - Noon

Ages 12 & Up | 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Cost: $75 per Player

Each pitcher MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN CATCHER. If you have issues, please contact Coach Buckingham. Pitchers will work on drill work to develop all aspects of their game. PITCHERS NEED THEIR OWN CATCHER CLARIFICATION: Anyone can accompany a pitcher that signs up for the camp and catch for her WITHOUT SIGNING UP FOR THE CATCHER CAMP.

Catchers that register for camp will be DEVELOPING THEIR SKILLS, not simply “receiving for the pitchers”. Drill work will include: blocking, framing, throws, transfers, and more! Any catchers that actually sign up for catcher camp WILL NOT be with pitchers, but rather be working their own drillwork to improve their skill set. So any parent, friend, or “same-age” individual CAN CATCH the pitcher that signs up without cost.

For More information Call: Head Coach Todd Buckingham at 989-964-4968 or email: